GRACELING Fan Art: “Sparring” by Linnea

In recognition of the fact that the movie rights of the Graceling trilogy had been bought, I present you with some fan art of Prince Po and Katsa.  


art by Linnea

I would admit to preferring a certain change from the book if the movie does get made, but in doing so, I would probably be ousted from the fandom for wanting such a thing.  As such, that is what I want.  I won’t tell you what I would like changed about it, but those who’ve read it might have an idea of what I’m talking about.

I would just like to add that there is a shocking lack of fan art for this trilogy.  Artists who are reading this should take note!

Art is by Linnea


GRACELING Fan Art: Sassy Po and Katsa by ~Undatoad

Katsa’s a great fighter.  No question there, with her grace.  But Po is so much more awesome, I gotta say, and Katsa would probably agree with me. 

I find it so amazing that Po comes bombarding into the life of Katsa (who hasn’t really laughed or had fun.. well, EVER) and it’s she’s like what is this sorcery with Po and Po’s just all casually poking fun at this stone-serious girl who could potentially kill him in a matter of seconds and just blargjksdfhlkjasdf

via Sassy Po and Katsa by ~Undatoad on deviantART.

Graceling Fan Art: Silver and Gold by *Ingvild-S

Prince Po of the Lienid Kingdom

Click on the image to go to the deviantART page, or click the following: Graceling – Silver and Gold by *Ingvild-S on deviantART.

Graceling Fan Art: GRACELING by ~blazewu

by blazewuClick image for direct DeviantART page

by blazewu
Click image for direct DeviantART page

From artist’s page:

“GRACELING” novel’s illustration in Taiwan version.

GAEA BOOKS. Co. Publishing.

2010/08 revised, not the original cover version

via GRACELING by ~blazewu on deviantART.

Graceling Fan Art: Katsa by La-Chapeliere-Folle

I love this messy hair look for Katsa.

Katsa by ~La-Chapeliere-Folle on deviantART.


Fan Art: Ciphers and Secrets by serayph

Art by serayph

This is a hint of one of the books to be covered on this site in the near future.