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GRACELING Sequel BITTERBLUE To Be Released in Paperback Next Week

For those of you who’ve been waiting ever so patiently to purchase Bitterblue on paperback, well, your wait is almost over! The paperback will be released on September 17, 2013 in the States.

By the way, the Bitterblue USA/Canada paperback will be released on September 17, which seems to be next Tuesday. Boy did that ever sneak up on me.

via Kristin Cashore’s Blog

Graceling Series named among Top 15 Book Series for Hunger Games fans

The Graceling trilogy has been named one of the 15 Book Series To Read if You’re A Fan of “The Hunger Games” by Buzzfeed!

Graceling trilogy

Why you should read it: The story follows Katsa, a young warrior, and her journey to self-discovery. She is the ideal heroine, and you’ll be dying to find out what happens next.

Fun fact: On April 25, film rights were acquired by Reliance Entertainment. Graceling is also Cashore’s debut novel.

GRACELING Author Kristin Cashore Explains Her Work Process

We all know how talented Kristin Cashore is, what with creating such a wonderful world with her Graceling books, and in her blog, she breaks down what her work process is:

As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m revising a manuscript. Here’s a breakdown of what this revision tends to look like on a daily basis:graceling-german

For one hour or so, I reread and ponder the responses of my early readers and my own notes (as I blogged about recently).

For maybe two or three hours, I look back over the revising I did yesterday and all the days before, getting a second look at my revisions and changing things here and there.

For maybe an hour or an hour and a half, I push forward in the book, maybe revising one more chapter.

I find I’m working anywhere from two to seven hours in a session (with a lot of breaks), depending on what else I’m doing that day and how quickly I get mentally drained. I never sit down intending to work seven hours – generally that’s too much, too draining – but occasionally I’ll look up and be startled to see how much time has passed. (This happens more often in summer than winter – the sun sets so late!)

Sometimes I only skim the responses and notes. Sometimes I never get to the third step, where I’m pushing forward in the book. It all depends on what’s happening that day. If I have a sudden revelation about why one of my characters has been behaving the way she’s been behaving, for example, I may spend the entire session starting again from the beginning and revising with fresh eyes.

Also, about those breaks I take – they involve a lot of resting my writing mind while listening to music. Especially, though not exclusively, a wide variety of cello music, because cello is relevant to the manuscript I’m revising. I’ll probably write more about that at some point.

One more thing about breaks. It can be very hard, on a daily basis, to get started working. You can be overwhelmed with a feeling of “I just don’t wanna” and find yourself slow to begin… SO, it can feel really lovely on days when for whatever reason you find yourself eager to get working. However, if I notice that it’s anxiety that’s making me eager to get working – if the writing has somehow convinced me that there’s some part of the novel I should feel anxious about, and should obsess over, RIGHT NOW, this needs to be fixed or something terrible will happen – I’ve come to realize that this means it’s time for a day off. I spend that day consciously rejecting thought about the writing, resting, and doing things to care for the anxiety instead. The next day, I am generally able to return to the manuscript refreshed and with unanxious purpose.

Kristin's workspace

Kristin’s workspace

Sure, much of it sounds a lot like what we’d like to do on a daily basis as well, but there is actual work that needs to be done.  You can read the rest of her blog on her site here.

Enter to win a Paperback edition of GRACELING

In our recent Fandom Hangout that took place earlier today from 7:30pm to 9:30pm Eastern Time, we announced a bunch of book giveaways that we have to officially launch most of our new fandom sites, including this site, Graceling.

Now’s your chance to enter to win a paperback copy of the first book of the trilogy, Graceling.  Just click on the image below or on the sidebar to enter!

You can watch our Hangout below to see what else we talked about, including other giveaways!

Join Us Tonight for The Fandom Hangout, Episode II


Today, starting at 7:30pm Eastern Time/4:30pm Pacific Time, is going to be hosting another Google Hangout!  If you missed our very first episode, don’t worry, you wouldn’t have needed to see it before watching this one to understand what’s going on.

But you certainly won’t want to miss tonight’s hangout, because we’ll be announcing some cool giveaways to help officially launch the new sites that have been basically transferred from to their own fandom!

We’ll be announcing the prizes and how you can enter each one as well as some news from our various fandoms.

Then we’ll get into discussing what’s going on in some of our busy fandoms, including movie news for some (Divergent, The Maze Runner, The Mortal Instruments, Ender’s Game, Percy Jackson) as well as TV and book news for others (Harry Potter, Delirium, Game of Thrones).

And we’re going to talk about some events that are or will be taking place in the very near future, so we hope you can join us tonight at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT.

Look for our tweet for the YouTube link by following @fandomnet, or go to The Fandom’s YouTube channel.

New Fandoms Will Be Introduced in Site!


Last night, had their first ever live hangout session in which we got to talk about the movies that are coming up for some of our fandoms that we have on the site.  However, one of the most exciting news to come from the hangout happened near the beginning of the hangout, where we revealed that we will be adding more fandoms to the site in the very near future!

A little after the 4:20 mark, I get to announce which fandoms will be getting their own fandom site, which are listed right here:

  • Daughter of Smoke & Bone (book series by Laini Taylor)
  • Graceling (book series by Kristin Cashore)
  • Legend (book series by Marie Lu)
  • Shadow & Bone (book series by Leigh Bardugo)
  • Sherlock (BBC TV Series)
  • Supernatural (The CW TV Series)
  • Under the Never Sky (book series by Veronica Rossi)

As to the reason we chose each series, it’s really just a matter of the quality of the books and the TV shows.  They either have a certain unique quality about them, either through the story that’s told, through the characters that we learn of, or both, and we’re very excited to give these fandoms an opportunity to grow on the site and expand the fandom to many other people who are looking for new books or shows to gush over.  We hope you agree with us when you do get a chance to learn about each one of them.

You can watch the rest of the hangout episode below:

I’ll send you notice when the new fandoms have been integrated into their new homes!